Monday, May 12, 2008


For those of you who don't know....we are expecting! we just found out this last weekend that we are having a baby girl. this is very exciting for me and my family. she will be the first "girl" grandbaby on the Chandler side. I'm sure grandma Chandler will spoil her like crazy. i have posted some pictures from the ultrasound, although i understand it is very difficult to see. the first picture is the "gender" picture...hopefully you all can see the two little lines that proves shes a girl. the second picture is a profile of her face. You can see the her arm and hand is resting on her chin...hopefully you can see it.


This is my belly at about 5 months. i am now close to 6 months now, so sad to say..I'm growing bigger. Hopefully i will post some recent pictures soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wynn & Lindsay

...New addition to the "bloggers"

so I finally sat down and started a blog for our new family. i know i am way behind all the motivated, up-to-speed mothers and wives, but i figured it's never too late! So here we are! for a quick update, Wynn and I met the summer of 2006, and were married July 20, 2007. We then lived in Rexburg where Wynn has been continuing his education in Construction Management. We've enjoyed Rexburg. Besides the cold weather, it's a pretty good place to live.
We have just recently moved to Utah where Wynn is doing his internship with Kiewit Construction. So far it has been going really well. Wynn is enjoying this company and the work that he is doing. I am working as well. i accepted a job with Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, in Sandy. it has been very different from all the previous dental jobs in the past, but i am enjoying it.
We are enjoying our time in Salt Lake City. It has been a big adjustment for the both of us, but it's also been a good change as well.