Friday, June 3, 2011

The Crack

hmm...yer thinking. the crack? yes, it could mean several different things. Nope, it's not a crack in your head. Nope, it's not the crack in yer bum....but it IS a crack in the rocks! We went down to St. George over Memorial weekend to hang out with friends. We went to what is called 'the crack' that I guess is really popular. It is this hike through a really narrow path, and if you are just a little claustrophobic like me, it is kind of difficult. I had to tell myself that I would get through this just fine and alive! Wynn struggled through some parts of it that were so so narrow, he had to crouch down really low to get through it. But it was a perfect fit for Chandler. He loved it and kept saying "come on, mommy, come on." once we got through it the view was beautiful! We also went swimming and just enjoyed our small break from life!