Sunday, January 16, 2011

We went sledding!

Chandler had his first sledding experience on Saturday, and he loved it! I was a little worried because he's kind of a baby, but we are realizing that most of his babiness is mainly sensitivity. He wasn't scared at all! and even starting going on his own after a few runs with us. He even went on his stomach and on his back head first! I was amazed. I hadn't purchased any snow clothes for him this year because I thought that he was still a little young and not enjoy it, but I was wrong. We put tons of layers on him to make sure he was warm! He new the drill of grabbing the sled and trying with all his strength to walk back up the hill. He would get a little distracted inhaling the snow on his way up. He wouldn't stop eating the snow! It was hilarious. such a fun and memorable day. It made me think of the fun times my family had sliding down diamond field jack!

then we came home to a glass of egg nog, or in Chandler's words "e-dog!" He loves this stuff!

Exciting month of January

January is such a dull month! And I think that many people would agree with me. I'm done with this freezing weather now that Christmas is over. Christmas came and went too quickly and now we continue on through the dullest month of 2011! But, I have kept myself happy and busy playing with my little boy. Chandler is so fun these days, and he seriously can't get enough of his toys right now. We got him a train set as a late Christmas gift, and returned one of his other gifts for car figurenes from the movie "Cars". He is so obsessed with those two things along with dinosaurs....never-ending! we sit and watch the movie "Cars" almost everyday together, and we play with his trains and dinosaurs everyday!

AND.....he is OBSESSED with yogurt!!! 24-7!!!