Monday, August 17, 2009

Memories in Florida

This summer has been so crazy, but fun. I think that I have been to more states this summer than I have in the last 23 years!! It has been been way fun. We just recently got back from vacationing in Florida with the whole Jones family. Our condo was right on the beach so we were pretty much out there every day. Honestly, I can't say that I LOVE the beach, mainly because Chandler wasn't thrilled about it either. I think that he will probably like it when he is a bit older. We went on an Everglades tour that was fun. we saw lots of crocodiles. We did enjoy our time with family that we love. We are grateful to Wynn's mom for arranging this vacation!!!! We love you!

Look at this 1,000 lbs. crocodile!!! He was HUGE!!

We all had to wear earplugs on the airboat because the motor was so so loud. ......of course, Chandler hated the earplugs, and his life jacket.

We had a little slumber party in the ER. Due to the humidity, Chandler was having a really hard time breathing. This was part of the trip that wasn't very fun.

Chandler and cousin Chloe

These pictures are from a family reunion at Island Park in July.
The Tucker twins didn't want to share their ride with Chandler.

I thought these pictures were so cute of Chandler and my grandma Luke

Chandler's first boat ride!!!!!