Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Utah Trip

Just this last weekend, we spent the weekend in Utah to support Wynn's brother, Andy at the Benefit Concert for the African Heartwood Project. You can get more info on it at We also celebrated Wynn's 24th birthday. It was overall a good day. He was sick the day before, which was not fun, but he was feeling better on his birthday. Here are a few pictures!

Chandler and cousin Chloe with Grandma Jones

Happy Birthday to Wynn!

Chandler was so tired when we got to the hotel. He fell asleep right after I put him on the bed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun Toys!

Chandler has been enjoying his new exer-saucer toy! Everytime I sit him in it, he looks at the toys like he's never seen them before. It is so fun to see his overwhelmed face going from one toy to the next. He also loves to bounce in the saucer. As much as I think that he likes it....I think that I LOVE it. It gives me a break from holding him, because Chandler doesn't love the floor that much. Wynn and I were discussing how this toy is more for the parents than for the child. In many's so true!!!

We also purchased a new high chair recently and finally purchased a new stroller that we were needing so bad!! We love it!! So Chandler has been a bit spoiled this past month, but all I can say's about time!!

He REALLY liked his carrots. YUM!!

Chandler loves to watch Baby Einstein in his bumbo chair!