Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet Baby Chandler

Here are some more recent pictures of Baby Chandler. It has been quite eventful getting to know him and adjusting to being a mommy. Chandler has brought such a sweet spirit into our little home. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family.

Chandler and his daddy at the hospital

Grandma and Grandpa Luke visiting Chandler at the hospital

Chandler getting ready for his first ride in his car seat.

Grandpa Chandler

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Baby Has Arrived.....Wait a's a BOY!?!?!

Our baby has finally arrived!! Wynn and I have been enjoying this time with our cute little child. We have prepared a cute pink little nursery to bring this baby girl home too, but as shocking as this may sound....she didn't come out a girl.......she came out a boy!!! We could not believe our eyes at the time, but he is definitely, 100% boy. He weighes 7 lbs. 15 oz. and is 20 inches long. As far as the birth story, I was induced on Tuesday evening, and at first was progessing fairly well. I then stopped progressing and was dilating at a 5 for about 5 hours. The baby was showing signs of stress and struggled to keep his heart rate up. The doctor came in and checked me yesterday at about 4:30, and informed me that I have a very narrow pelvic bone and that it was a very tight fit for the baby. They could already tell that the baby's head was a little cone-shaped for being stressed down in the birth canal for so long. He told me that he would give me one more hour, and that if I didn't progress, we would have to have a cesarean delivery. As lucky as I am, I didn't progess and was not dilating any further and the baby was in even more stress. The doctor stressed that we did cesarean right away. Afterwards, the doctor told me that there was no way that I could have delivered this baby vaginally, and that this was the only way. It is a little disappointing about my pelvic bone, but I am trying to look on the bright side of things, rather than dwelling on the negative. More than likely, all of my babies will be cesarean deliveries.

SO, we now have this precious baby boy. We were super surprised, but now that he is here, we are so happy that he is a boy and would have it no other way. Luckily, we already had a boy name picked out, Chandler Wynn Jones. Yes, you will notice his PINK pacifier in these pictures, and more than likely, he could go home in a little pink outfit because right now, that's all he's got. So enjoy these pictures, some aren't the best of him, but it's all I have for right now. I hope you all enjoy and I will post more at a later time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

40 Weeks Today...Update.

Today is the official due date of our little girl. Unfortunately, she's not really wanting to come out and is making no progress whatsoever. I saw my doctor today and once again, nothing is happening. He suggested inducing me anytime because I am not showing any sign of dilation.....and he says baby is getting big...oh no!! So as of right now, I am scheduled to be induced Tuesday evening. But here in Rexburg, where babies are popping out left and right, my appt. could easily be changed due to the small limit capacity at the hospital, so hopefully I will not get rescheduled. We are crossing our fingers!!! We have actually already been rescheduled twice now, so hopefully this is it. We will keep everyone updated!! We can only hope for the best!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

I am realizing that I am pretty pathetic with the whole "blog-updating thing." Since my last update, so much has happened, i don't know where to start. Wynn and I are back in Rexburg and are enjoying every minute!!! We enjoyed Salt Lake, and Wynn loved his internship and experience with Kiewit, but we are happy to be back in Rexburg.
Here are some pictures to help update the past few months:

We had a fun weekend with our friends at Alturas Lake.

Wynn with Paul Hendrickson and Chad Seibold

Here is Wynn, jumping all the wakes and trying to impress his wife, so he says....when little did he know....this is how he ended up...

He obviously didn't land his jump, and ended up tearing his ACL and lateral miniscus. He had surgery on his knee 2 weeks ago and is still recovering from it. He is on crutches and started his first day of physical therapy today. I haven't had my husband to take care of me....instead, me (also 9 months pregnant) have been taking care of him. It has been a challenging time for us these last few weeks, but we have also realized truly how blessed we are. We know that the Lord has been with us and has truly blessed us during this time.

I knew that I would regret this, but here I am at the end of my 38th week. Yes, I realize that I am huge. It's been interesting going around town and honestly everyone comments on my belly. comments like, "ohh...(while staring at my stomach), you must be close to having that baby." (and I say,"yes, within the next 10 days or so.")And they say, "I was gonna say, you don't look like you can go much further!".....THANKS. it's been quite interesting. Wynn and I are quite the couple right now, a huge,pregnant girl waddling next to a guy on crutches. It's been great!!