Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Big OUCH!

Chandler usually has way too much fun at his cousins house. They have everything and anything that we don't! He loves to play with all 4 of his silly Jones cousins. They have a big yard with lots or toys, a dog, 13 rats (which we don't even come close to touching!)and the latest is 7 chickens with a new chicken run!....and did I mention the trampoline?? Chandler really loves their tramp. Although he thinks that he's a big boy and can jump all by himself. I let go of him one time....and that did it all! I have never seen a goose egg so huge!!! I almost started crying myself when I saw what I had done to my child. These pictures were later that evening so it had gone down just a little. Let's just say he slept really well that evening!! Sorry Chandler.

...and yet he was still so happy!! (that's of course after all the screaming)