Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daddy's little helper

Chandler LOVES his daddy lately. Every morning when he wakes up, he cries for daddy. I think sometimes he's a little disappointed to see me open his door. He looks at me and then says "Daddy?" He is definitely daddy's little helper around our house. He loves to work outside every time Wynn is outside. He also loves to wear Daddy's construction hat while working!! Oh, what cute constructions workers! And I also have to thank my hubby for all the hard work he has been doing outside in our "dirt" yard. even though it may look like it hasn't changed at all since we've moved in, he HAS done a lot!! I truly appreciate you and all you do!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 3 years!

Today is our 3rd anniversary! I am so grateful for my hubby! He has taught me so much and has done so much for me. He is also such a great daddy to Chandler and he loves Wynn very much too! Thanks for a wonderful 3 years!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lagoon 2010

We went to Lagoon this week! It was very last minute planning, but thanks to Andy and Kayla we all went and had a great time! When we pulled up in the parking lot, Chandler saw the big white roller coaster and said really loud, "E-Slide!!" He loved every minute we were there, especially the carousel with all the animals! Wynn and I were able to spend the evening there together without Chandler and hit all the big scary rides! It was so much fun and it felt like I was back in junior high again, being wild and having FUN! Oh, but don't worry, I suffered a major headache that evening, but it was worth it!

Of course, Chandler picked the horse!

This was the face I got when I said "SAY CHEESE!" ...hilarious.

...let's try this again!

cute Chanman on the train!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The moment HE has been waiting for...

My cute husband finally got his company truck!!! His dream has come true! He is so happy to call it, "his truck, no one elses!!" All of the other trucks are Ford F150's, whereas this is a Dodge. This will be his truck to drive until they order more Fords from the factory. they apparently ran out and are putting another order which could take another few months. The keys to this truck were handed to him today!! I have a very happy husband and I am so proud of him for the hard work he does for me and our little family. We are still so grateful that we got this job with Kiewit. Wynn is enjoying more each day as he progresses in the work. I love him so much and am grateful for a hardworking, cute husband. Congrats babe!

The Truck!

okay, what's with the pose??.....umm....no comment!

WAY too excited!!

.....oh, and this is his "other" truck we purchased after we got our house for yard work. He likes it, but definitely not as proud!! but we're happy to have it too!