Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fun Has Begun

YES! We are making progress on our beautiful land of dirt! Sadly, this is just the beginning and a small glimpse of what our lives will be like ALL SUMMER LONG! hopefully, by the end of this season we will have little seeds of grass! As a mother of a 2 year old, I am so so sick of our dirt yard. Of course, Chandler loves to go out and play in the dirt and collect rocks. You can imagine how much dirt tracks into my house. And I know I will be tracking in double the dirt this summer, but if it gets me grass, then bring it on! Chandler LOVED the big cement truck in our yard yesterday afternoon. He had to watch the entire time.

We added a whole new back patio, and then also extended our driveway. I'm so excited for both! I will post pictures of the patio once it's done drying. I can see just a small glimpse of how awesome it will be someday to have a yard! Next step: Sprinkler System.