Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We went to our ward Halloween Party on Saturday evening. It was so fun to take a little penguin with us! Chandler was acting so funny with it on and thought he was somethin' else! He loved it. We had a great dinner with soups and breads, and then went trunk or treating around the church.

Don't you just love his "cheeeeese" face? ....in all pictures...nice!

I think this was Chan's highlight of the evening. He found these under the serving table.

Friday, October 22, 2010

For the love..

....of OCTOBER!!

Oh, how I love the month of October. the crisp feeling in the air, hot chocolate in the mornings and evenings, the pumpkin patches on every corner, all the houses on the street decked out with pumpkins, hay-bells, and corn stalks! All the fun Halloween candy, and (my personal weakness), the fall M&M's!! These are just some reasons of why I love October! AND, not to mention, that this IS my birthday month too!! I will always love my mom for giving birth to me 3 days before Halloween! It has always been a fun birthday celebration with the spooky ghosts and goblins, and witches on their broomsticks knocking on doors! This month always goes by way too fast!
On Monday night, we soaked in a little bit of October by walking through Gardner Village. It was so fun! They kind of made it a WITCHES theme. On every corner, they had life-sized witches that looked so cool! The whole place was all lit up for Halloween, it was definitely a night to remember! They also had a little petting zoo for kids, which Chandler loved! (although, I'm not sure it was worth the 2 ear infections and breathing treatments that followed this night). .....SO FUN!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Final Picture Post

I think this is all. I was finally able to get them all on my blog! Thanks Chantel for our photo shoot!!!

Family Pictures part 2

Okay, I was able to upload more. Here are the rest of Chandler's pictures.

Family Pictures

We finally had some new family pictures taken by a good friend of ours. For some reason, I couldn't upload all of them onto my blog, so this is just a peek of some of them. There will be more to come. I think we were able to get a few good ones, even with Chandler not cooperating at all! But, I guess I was kind of expecting it too. I truly do love my two boys!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Boy

This cute little boy had a birthday in September! He turned 2, which I still can't believe. It is such a bittersweet feeling when your own kids grow up. I love the little boy that Chandler is becoming and I love to see his little personality come out more every day, although I get emotional thinking about how fast the time goes by and how he is not a little baby anymore. But of course, he will always be MY baby! We had a great weekend with a lot of my family. I was so happy to have all of them in my home. It doesn't happen very often and I was so grateful that have them all over. The main reason they were all here was because we all had tickets to see Lion King. It was so so good! Both Wynn and I loved it! My wonderful mom stayed home and watched Chandler and his twin cousins. I'm hoping my mom still loves them even after spending a whole day with them by herself! Thanks again!