Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vroom-Vroom Birthday

Chandler had a birthday!!! He turned 3 on September 24th. I can't believe it's been three years since I birthed this child! Wynn and I were watching home videos of when Chandler was born and shortly after, and it brought tears to our eyes (yes, Wynn's too!) in realizing how much we love him, and am so grateful to have him as our son. Even though I have struggled at times, and definitely still have weaknesses in being a strict mommy, I am so grateful to be Chandler's mom and to have him as my constant buddy.

This boy is truly obsessed with race cars!!! and trucks, and motorcycles, and garbage trucks..pretty much ANYTHING that has wheels! We thought it would be fun to take him to Rocky Mountain Raceways and watch fast cars race! IT WAS A HIT!!! Chandler was a complete spazz almost the entire time. The evening we went, it was just drag racing, so he didn't get the full effect of cars racing around in a big circle, but he still loved it! One of Wynn's co workers from work happened to be racing his car that night, so we went and saw him afterwards and got a few pictures with Chandler in his fast red car.

We then had a family party eating Chandler's "race car cake" and enjoyed opening just a few more race cars!! Happy Birthday Chan-man!!

Showing off his new race car shirt!!


Paul and Carly said...

Crazy that it was 3 years ago when you were pregers at the cabin! Time truly does fly by. Your yard looks great and I am really happy for you guys. Keep in touch!